Our Staff

All of our contributing staff, members of the organization, have identification cards. Only persons who are listed here are authorized on the behalf of The Aviation Magazine or by AirShowsReview, to receive any media accreditation, passes or privileges that may vary according to the organizers of the actual event. The cards are made of plastic with images impregnated on both sides.

PLEASE DO NOT grant any media accreditation to those who are NOT listed here as they are NOT affiliated with The Aviation Magazine, and their articles/images will NOT be published. If in doubt, please e-mail the editor, editor@theaviationmagazine.com and will confirm validity of applicant for media accreditation. Thank you!


ID No: 010 Ralf Peter Walter, Managing Editor, Expiry date:1/1/2019
email: editor@theaviationmagazine.com
ID No: 003 Peter Thivessen, SR. European Correspondent, Expiry date:1/1/2019
ID No: 004 Wolfgang Jarisch, European Photojournalist, Expiry date:1/1/2019
ID No: 005 Jeroen Oude Wolbers, Far East / Pacific Photojournalist, Expiry Date: 1/1/2019
ID No: 011 Geoffrey Arnwine, West USA Photojournalist, Expiry date:1/1/2019


Additional Occasional Contributors

We in addition to our regular contributing staff members, we work with additional 'Occasional' contributors as listed here. They do not posses any The Aviation Magazine Press Media Identification cards, but we provide them with a Letter of Intent for specific events only to publish their images and articles, whenever it is necessary. Feel fee to verity with our Editor to the validity of their Media Accreditation.

  • Jason Phelan

Any other persons who are not listed above, are NOT an authorized to represent THE AVIATION MAGAZINE and are NOT entitled to receive any media accreditation and should NOT be granted any accreditation or other privileges to any event on the behalf of THE AVIATION MAGAZINE.